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Kyle Hameister
Two went way above and beyond my expectations. I had a lot of work to be done from a vandalism claim. He got me in immediately, handled insurance without anything else from my end, and had parts ordered, the work done, and the car painted and cured in 7 days from estimate to pickup. For the amount work done, that is fast. It looks brand new - my car is a crazy electric blue, and he matched and blended the paint so well I can't tell anything was wrong to begin with. He even cleaned and detailed the inside without me asking, or any mention he'd done it! I cannot recommend Two and his shop enough.
Daniel Ziskin
I backed my car into a telephone pole and messed up my bumper, fender and tail light. Two's made the whole thing better than new. I was so grateful for the quality and high level of service. Accidents happen and I'm really glad I brought my car to Two for the repairs. If you need body work, go see Two in Arvada.
Two came highly recommended by a friend and now I see why. Super Professional - Great Communication - Excellent body work.
Rafael López
Two took care of my car’s relatively large body repair in an honest and timely way. This was during the pandemic so I really appreciated that he was able to estimate the completion date so accurately as there was a lot going on in general, and he was pretty busy from what I could see in his shop. Definitely recommend Two and am planning to bring another car to him soon for some minor dings and scrapes.
Brandon Marette
Two is a knowledgeable collision expert with a great smile and friendly personality. I highly recommend him to you for your situation.
Ashley S.
I thought my car was making really dangerous noises until Twos auto body was able to put my fears to rest... It was difficult to find a shop I felt comfortable going to, I obviously needed someone who was going to be honest and have my best interests In mind. I really felt at ease knowing I was in the good hands of some truly great mechanics. .. Thanks again.
Abigail Burke
I highly recommend Two's Autobody shop. They are friendly, knowledgeable and quick. They had my corolla fixed up in no time! We will definitely be back for any future autobody needs.
Sonja Davis
He did a great job on my Jeep, took the stress off of me concerning insurance. He went above and beyond. Many thanks!